Project Management

Marti will work with you to develop high impact and cost-effective marketing communication tools such as product brochures, sales support materials, newsletters, web sites, direct mail, whitepapers, prospecting letters and slide show presentations.


Before Marti starts the writing process, she will partner with you to clearly define your communication objectives and key messages. With this approach, the copy is quickly on target and the time spent on reviewing rounds of revisions is drastically reduced.


If you have existing copy you want to use, Marti can work with it to communicate your marketing position and tailor it to a variety of target markets.


Why take a risk and publish any document with an error? Before printing or launching your web site, Marti can review the content to ensure that there aren't any embarrassing mistakes.


Having an on-call network of designers and production resources, Marti can provide quick creative solutions at very reasonable prices.

Phone: (508) 364-3799E-mail: [email protected]